State: Maharashtra 

Location: 215 km from Mumbai

Famous for: Beach and Temple of Harihareshwar

Serves as: Weekend destination, Picnic spot

About Harihareshwar:

Harihareshwar is a fine example of nature's unexplored beauty located in District Raigad of Maharashtra. Harihareshwar is a perfect gateway for monsoons as the soft sands and the crystal clear of water invites you for a great dip. Harihareshwar is one such town where one can see the confluence of River Savitri with the Arabian Sea (Bankot). Moreover its more to Harihareshwar than the beach, the famous Harihareshwar Temple which forms one of the most important pilgrimage for Hindus. Its is great, picturesque sight to see the temple of Harihareshwar is located on the Harihareshwar Beach. Harihareshwar Beach is one of the notable virgin beaches of India, and is attached to two more beaches which are located each towards the northern side and southern side of the temple. The Harihareshwar Beach and the other two beaches on this line which are closely connected to each other are surrounded by four hills, viz Harihareshwar itself on which the temple of Harihareshwar is situated, Harshnachal, Brahmadri and Pushpadri. Both these beaches known as Diveagar and Shrivardhan along with Harihareshwar form one of the famous and enchanting tourist destinations of Maharashtra.

Best time to visit Harihareshwar:

Normally beaches are one place which are suggested to be avoided in monsoons for high tidal waves. But Harihareshwar is one beach which is suggested to be visited during monsoons from June to August. The reason for so is the greenery the nature's adorns itself on the four hills that surround the beaches. It is really beautiful to visit this beaches during monsoons. However one should be careful about venturing into the water during monsoons. The best time to visit Harihareshwar is thus from June to August and from November to early March.

What to do in Harihareshwar: 

Enjoy and explore the mystical beauty of Harihareshwar.

Visit the famous Temple of Harihareshwar

Swim and surf on the beach

Explore the natural beauty

Watch the mind-blowing sunset

Taste the amazing coastal food

Enjoy a great weekend escapade

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Where to eat in Harihareshwar:

The best known places where one can expect a home made coastal meal is at Mohan Kutume Restaurant, where a authentic coastal food thali is served at just Rs. 35/-. The Guru Geeta Restaurant too serves authentic coastal meal Thali at Rs. 30/-.

Bankot Fort
 Water sports at Harihareshwar:

Water scooter and Speed Boat

Where to stay in Harihareshwar: 

In Harihareshwar you find many options for accommodations, but the best preferred is the MTDC accommodation facility. The MTDC Harihareshwar Resort has best accommodation facility and is spread over an area of 4 acres. Other than comfortable accommodation arrangement, the MTDC Harihareshwar Resort also opens up into it's own private beach where various water sport are made available for tourists. The only problem is the availability of rooms, as they are full all the time. Hence its ideal to book the rooms and then visit this MTDC property.

For more details visit MTDC Harihareshwar Resort

Places of interest in Harihareshwar:

 Temple of Harihareshwar / Kalbhairav Temple: The Temple of Harihareshwar is a renowned pilgrimage located on the Harihareshwar Hill. The temple houses the Lord Kalbhairav, a creation of Lord Shiva. Lord Kalbhairav is known as the Lord of all the Mantrashatras. The temple overlooks the scenic Arabian Sea and the Harihareshwar Beach. The temple is just 10 minute walk from the Harihareshwar Beach and one has to climb few steps to reach this temple which is located on a hillock. Just be careful with the steps whicha re bit steep and can get slippery during monsoons.
Diveagar Beach

Harihareshwar Beach: Harihareshwar Beach is one of the virgin beaches with golden sands on the Konkan Coast. This beach is blessed by nature's beauty with four hills surrounding the beach from all the three sides. Additionally this beach is attached with two more beaches on the same coastline, namely the Diveagar Beach and the Shrivardhan Beach. The Harihareshwar Beach is very clean and beautiful. There are many water sport activities such as water scooters, boating etc that take place on this beach.

Bagmandala Beach: Bagmandala Beach is a small beach located near the Bagmandala Village in Harihareshwar. From Bagmandala one can go to the Bankot Fort. The water at Bagmandala is safe enoough to venture in and swimming. To reach Bankot Fort there are ferry services which start from this beach at regular intervals within a frequency of 1 hour.

Suvarna Ganesh Idol
 Bankot Fort: Though not very huge structure, yet Bankot Fort is one of the notable structures and can be visited by taking a ferry service from Bagmandala Beach from where it is around 5 km away. Bankot Fort is located on the Bankot Creek where one can find the confluence of River Savitri with Arabian Sea. This fort is also names as the Himmat Garh which means the Fort of Courage.

Ganesh Gully: This is a narrow dissection found a few feets across the rocks near the Harihareshwar Temple. This cleft is know to house the idol of Lord Ganesh. It is said that only few lucky ones get to see this idol which is clearly visible only during low tides. 

Diveagar: Located 6 km from Harihareshwar Beach, Diveagar is also one of the popular beaches within the area.  Besides the beach Diveagar is home to Lord Ganesh Temple (Suvarna Ganesh Temple) with a gold masked Ganesh idol. Diveagar serves as a picnic spot as well as a pilgrimage to Hindus.

Shrivardhan: Shrivardhan to serves as an ideal picnic spot located near Harihareshwar. Shrivardhan is popular for the Shrivardhan Beach along with the Jivaneshwar Temple which was said to be the part of Shanivarwada.